Surgery for Nasal Mass Removal?

what do you call the nasal surgery to remove mass inside of your nose? And usally, how much would it cost? (in NYC)

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Surgery for nasal mass removal

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Nasal masses can come in a variety of forms and can include different types of tumors.  The most common nasal mass is a polyp inside the sinus cavities or nasal cavities.  These are usually due to allergies and they obstruct nasal breathing, sense of smell, and give patients chronic sinus infections.  These are typically treated with endoscopic sinus surgery, but the cost is variable because it depends upon how many sinuses require treatment.  Most patients have 8 sinuses in the face and a CAT scan is the only diagnostic tool that will tell the surgeon whether or not the patient needs endoscopic sinus surgery and how many sinuses need to be operated upon.  There are rare tumors that can occur inside the nose, which are usually related to papillomas or warts and are simply removed under local anesthesia.

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