Should I get surgery for my fractured cheekbone? (photos)

3 weeks ago I fractured my right cheekbone in a few places and was told yesterday by the NHS that because I do not look like I have a fracture that I wouldn't be having surgery (2 millimetre depression). However I can see a difference and can feel the depression and it's making me upset - I think about it constantly. I also have numb upper teeth on my right side which is very annoying and feels strange. Should I insist on surgery?

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Surgery probably indicated

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When evaluating patients with fractures such as yours, I will occasionally state that we should wait for a week or two to determine if there is a deformity.  If so, then surgery should be an option.   Unfortunately, after 3-4 weeks the bones have healed enough that surgery becomes more difficult. Regardless, I would speak to the surgeons to make the appropriate decision.  A CT scan would be quite helpful, as well.

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