What Surgery Would I Need for my Ears? (photo)

My ears stick out alot & are quite flat from the edges which makes them look sort of elf like. Ive always been self conscious about this and its caused me to always have to wear hats and cover my ears whenever i go out as they dont match the rest of my face in terms of size. I was wondering what kind of surgery would make my ear shape look more round and folded as demonstrated in the picture. Ive looked into Otoplasty however i cant seem to find anything on changing the outer shape of the ear :/

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Changing the outer part of the ear to make it look more round

You can do this. It requires taking out some of the ear cartilage. This may entail an incision on the outside part of the ear that could leave an incisional mark there. But this can be done.

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Ear Reduction/Reshaping Surgery

What you are desiring is known as a vertical ear reduction as you are demonstrating by pinching the outer part of the ear together. This can be done very effectively but does result in a scar across the outer part of the ear. One has to consider of that is a good aesthetic trade-off.

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What Surgery Would I Need for my Ears?

Otoplasty does change the outer shape and projection of your ear. This is the most common procedure performed to make an ear sit closer to the head and create a more natural shape for the prominent ear. If you want your ear to look smaller or more round, a "wedge" excision is about the only thing that will achieve what you've shown in your photo. The downside to doing this is that it creates a scar that runs perpendicular to all of the natural highlights of the ear. This is commonly performed for reconstruction of a skin cancer or traumatic ear deformity but less often used as a cosmetic maneuver due to the risk of prominent scarring. I hope this information is helpful.

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Outer ear shaping of the helical rim.

Outer ear shaping of the helical rim can be done to round the helical rim with or without other otoplasty maneuvers. 

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What Surgery Would I Need for my Ears? (photo)

Your ears can be improved by doing an otoplasty.  The term "otoplasty" is not very specific.  A good ear surgeon should be able to taylor the otoplasty to address your specific concern with your ears.

John F. Reinisch, MD
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