Surgery for my Asymmetric Eyes? (photo)

As you can see, my right eye is higher than my left along with the brow. I am pretty sure my dominant eye is actually my LEFT eye because I have great vision in that eye. My right eye has poor vision and also feels abnormal in a sense that is hard to explain, but I feel like I blink more in that eye and I rub it much more often than my left eye, maybe because its weaker? I really need to know if there is anything I can do to help my asymmetrical eyes! They are destroying my confidence, etc.

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Time for a consultation

While difficult to say because your photo does not show your whole face, it may be that one side of your face is slightly smaller, which can result in a different location for each orbit.  This is actually quite common and most people do not have strict facial symmetry.  There are often good options for improving the appearance of asymmetries, including those caused by variations in bony support.  The only way to explore your options is with a personal consultation with a surgeon experienced in facial plastic procedures.

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Sure, come on in for a consultation with a Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon.  He will fully evaluate, examine and test your asymmetry and then give you several options to consider.

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Eye asymmetry

It is difficult to assess from your small poor quality photo but  it appears you have bony facial asymmetry with the small side of the face also having the smaller appearing eye from eyelid and brow droopiness.  However, you need a thorough oculoplastic exam to rule out any other causes of droopiness, such as Horners syndrome since it appears from the photo that you have smaller pupil on that side too.  After that, you can consider various nonsurgical and surgical options to improve the symmetry of your eyes.  See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Asymmetric eyes

  Although it is helpful that you submitted a photo, the quality is not great and does not take the place of an in person consultation.  From here, I do not see anything terrible going on.  Consider seeing an oculofacial plastic surgeon for a consultation by referring to

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