Second surgery for congenital ptosis, eyelid sensation

I'm 30, had surgery for cong. ptosis when 15 (no change). Had consult for 2nd surgery, was told max improvem. of 60% b/c 1) less skin in ptotic eye, 2) levator function of 80%. He's worried Re: pain after surgery b/c of a joint pain issue, worsening of eyelid tightness which began after 1st surgery. Opinions? Considering lowering good eye instead, also curious Re: treatm. for the tightness sensation incl. surgery.

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Proceed carefully.

Post congenital ptosis surgery your eyelids are compromised.  If you have lower eyelid surgery and there is so much as a hiccup, you could be in big trouble.  You have to be paranoid.  

Proceed with caution.  Focus on revising the upper eyelids. One this is good then take  care of the lower eyelids.

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Revisional congenital ptosis surgery

Need examination or at least photos to better answer your questions. Pain should not be a factor. See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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