What surgery (if any) can fix my uneven jaw? (Photo)

Hello, I have a noticeable uneven jawline, that has been progressing as I get older. What worries me, are my teeth are aligned straight. If I push my teeth over to make my jaw straight, my teeth become very misaligned. My jaw looks normal in my early teens. Now I am 35...is it too late to fix this? Also, if you look at my smile, there is an unevenness on the upper teeth. Why is that, and how is it fixed? What is going on here?! Thanx! Tanya.

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Few people are symmetrical

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Most faces are not symmetrical.  If the asymmetry of your jaw is no longer changing, you should seek an consultation with an oro-maxillofacial surgeon. In the Boston area, Tufts Dental School is a good place to start.

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