Surgery to Fix Congenital Ptosis?

I am a 15 year old female, I was born with ptosis is my left eye. I had a surgery when I was four to fix it, it did not work. Is it possible to have another surgery now to fix it? If so what surgery should i have?

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15 y.o. re-do ptosis repair needed?

Thank you for the photos.  It sounds by your description that you may have drooping, (ptosis) of the eyelid. This can be fixed in most cases. Each patient is different. Please see an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, or oculoplastic surgeon. they will listen to you and do an exam to see if you need another operation to raise your eyelid. Your parents obviously need to be part of this decision.  

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It is possible to have surgery to fix congenital ptosis

It is possible to have surgery to fix congenital ptosis. How the surgery will work depends on definition. There are some types of congenital ptosis where the muscle is so damaged and non-functional that while you may get some improvement, you may never get an exact result. It really depends on the muscle’s strength.

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Congenital ptosis

You have residual congenital ptosis.  That should be reasonably easy to fix with someone skilled in eyelid ptosis repair.  All the best, Dr. Vartanian

A. John Vartanian, MD
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Please have your parents dicuss this with your surgeon

I feel a little uncomfortable to discuss medical issues with you without your parents consent. There is an option and you will need to see your plastic surgeon .

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Congenital ptosis may require more than one surgery.

COngential ptosis has many different degrees of severity which can be addressed with a variety of techniques. It is not unusual for a patient to need more than one surgery. So this may not be a lost cause, however, you should understand that there may be a compromise between opening the eye, and being able to close the eye postoperatively.

To explain that better: It may be possible to open you eyelids much more than they are now, but that may compromise you ability to close your eyes and keep your eye lubricated and protected.

Its important to discuss these issues with your Oculoplastic surgeon prior to surgery.

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Congenital Ptosis Repair

Just because the ptosis repair you had at age 4 did not work does not mean that it can not be repaired now. In fact, in many cases, it is easier to correct ptosis at an older age beacause you will be able to cooperate with the surgeon during the surgery.

It is important to have a consulation with an experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon. The eyelid can properly evaluated to determine the type of ptosis repair that would work best for you.

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