What Surgery Would Make my Facial Profile More Feminine?

Hello! Now in my 20s, I am seeking surgery info for features I've hated. I feel my facial profile is flat, but when I smile my chin protrudes too far. I am unsure if the problem lies in that my nose is small or that my jaw and chin are just larger. While it looks kind of okay straightforward, sideways, I feel it is not complimentary and looks masculine. Furthermore, I seem to have some excess fat underneath my chin that I cannot get rid of by exercise/creams. Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

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Surgery for more feminine facial profile

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Mandibular osteotomies can reduce the projection of the chin.  These are usually performed by oral surgeons where a sliding genioplasty procedure or wedge removal of the anterior most portion of the mandible is performed and sliding the mandible backwards.  This procedure will make the jaw line less protruding.  


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Facial feminization

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Your posted photos corroborate your concerns however the proper analysis to make a recommendation cannot be made from these photos alone. The forward prominence of your chin and jaw is apparent but it is not clear what the upper/lower tooth alignment is. Without knowing this or the relative bone projections that can only be measured on an x-ray there is no way to tell if this is accompanied by some mid-face retrusion. What is clear is that this is a bone alignment/projection issue and not a soft tissue issue. I suspect what you call "excess fat underneath my chin" is really over projecting bone. Without the x-ray you cannot know whether implants, bone shaving and/or bone cutting with repositioning is required.

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Aaron Stone, MD
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Chin - jaw reduction

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Yes, based on your photos you wold be a candidate for chin-jaw reduction surgery. You can discuss the specific modlaity with your surgeon but I would recommend a 3D reduction of the chin while keeping its female shape. Something that does not happen with a sliding genioplasty, in which, the chin becomes more rectangular and therefore less feminine.

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Facial Plastic Surgery for more Feminine Face

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Hi Mariee,

Thank you for sharing your photographs.

Generally, feminine facial features include a smaller chin or jaw, softer cheeks, rounder face, and larger lips. Soft tissue and/or bone structure would be modify to achieve desired results. Some plastic surgery treatment options include jaw bone reduction, chin reduction, Botox masseter reduction, lip enhancement, or facial fillers. Based on the photographs alone, you may be a candidate for chin reduction and/or cheek implants, but it's difficult to provide anything more specific. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a specialist help determine appropriate options for you. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki

Houtan Chaboki, MD
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