Breast Reduction to Help Spinal Problems

I have been having issues with my spine due to a past spinal fusion, I have had swalling issues and even breathing problems on top of asthma....I fear the added pressure to my lungs and spine on top of what is there now? I can barely get out of bed now? Walking is difficult. The reduction is part of a bigger plan however, no pt can even be started until after breast reduction.

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Breast reduction

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Unfortunately, your situation is more complicated than most patients seeking breast reduction surgery. It behooves you to be seen by well trained/experienced plastic surgeons to get the best advice in person. Based on your description however it seems that the majority of your disability stems from your spinal and lung problems. It seems to me that these issues should be addressed and optimized prior to any breast surgery.

You are correct in that the breast reduction surgery may help with spinal pain and posture and may make physical therapy easier.

I am hopeful that you have a good physician coordinating your care with all the different specialists involved. Best wishes.

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