15 Weeks Post-op: My callus doesn't show but I do feel it, is this normal? (Photo)

I had surgery on Nov 15th 2013. It has been 15 weeks since and I have not hit the gym. Can there be any damages caused if I do squats, hot yoga &/or any weight lifting? I currently have a callus on my left side of my nose &both sides of my nose continue to be swollen. I am terrified if any damages occurs from this. My callus doesn't show but I do feel it, is this normal? I highly appreciate any doctors advice.

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Post-Op Rhinoplasty

You should be able to resume all normal activity at 3 months post-op. Go for it and try not to hit your nose!

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Go for it!

At 3.5 months, you are not completely healed, but it is highly unlikely that anything you do in the gym will impact your final result (unless you were to hit and break your nose, which is not common).

John Frodel, MD
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