Will I Need Surgery to Correct This Deformation of the Breast, and if So What is It? Why Did It Happen (photo)

1 week ago, I had implants changed from 280 to 240 both under the muscle. My first surgery was via the armit ( 3 yrs ago). My second one was through the nipple. I made the desision to get implant, after loosing 25 Kilos and needed to fill the empty space , that was mainly skin- prior to weight loss, I had very large breast. I noticed this deformation straight away and 5 days later it has not changed. I travel back to my home in 5 days, and donĀ“t want to leave without fixing this problem.

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Will I Need Surgery to Correct This Deformation of the Breast, and if So What is It? Why Did It Happen

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Very hard to determine the problem and the cause just from a posted photo with tape in position. ONLY in person examination could help make the diagnosis! Sounds like you are out of USA for your surgery, this is the reason you will have a problem correcting the problem. Because it is too early to re operate and to find a USA boarded PS who is will ing correct an obvious poorly done surgery will be VERY costly. The saying, " the cheap becomes expensive!" applies. Guess a lesson learned again. Medical Cosmetic Surgery Tourism is very risky and who suffered -- the patient. 

You have too much breast skin and not filled

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You stated that you had large breast before weight reduction. You need more volume or breast lift and not downsize your implant. You will need to wait for now. You may need to have lift or larger implants later.

Breast pocket issue

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It is very hard to say for sure what is going on because you obviously have a lot of swelling.  Knowing what exactly was done and what you looked at before surgery along with an exam would be most helpful.

Lateral breast irregularity after capsule repair work

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It appears that along with your implant downsizing you had a capsule reduction.  This has caused the lateral irregularity.  This may correct over time but this will depend upon the method used to correct the original problem.  A examination by your plastic surgeon should give you some idea if a revision will be needed either immediately or in the future.  

Will I Need Surgery to Correct This Deformation of the Breast

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Given the fact that you already had a pocket which was not enlarged, I am not sure what this might be. If this were a new pocket, I would suspect incomplete dissection of the pocket. I don't know if your surgeon tried to do a capsulorrhaphy to narrow the pocket, in which case this indentation may be the result of the sutures used. 

This will best be diagnosed in your surgeons office. He will have the benefit of a physical exam, and he knows what was done. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Double bubble repair

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Although it is quite early after surgery, what the pictures appear to show is a type of double bubble, characterized by a groove across the breast. This often correlates to the pectoral muscle where it has been cut. In any case, it is too early to consider a revision and it is wise to wait a couple of months and see.

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