Surgery to Correct After-effects of Chin Implant? (photo)

I have an incompetent lower lip from the removal 25 years ago of a chin implant, which was too big and which the surgeon had 'finagled' in order to get it to fit. The result is that my lower lip was not reconnected with as much slack as it had had naturally; I have a cleft chin the dimple of which used to be in the center, and is now at the bottom, if that makes sense. it is not that the skin is sagging - it was connected too low causing it to be too short and my lower lip tethered. Fixable?

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Mentalis Muscle Resuspension For Witch's Chin Deformity

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What you have is chin ptosis, also known as a witch's chin deformity, which can occur after removal of a chin implant particularly if it is a large one. The lower location of your chin dimple confirms the sagging soft tissues. This can be improved by a chin resuspension procedure, reattaching the mentalis muscle and the overlying soft tissues back up higher in the chin bone. This is done from an intraoral approach.

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