Is there surgery to do the actually clitoris smaller? (Not the clitoris hood)

I have already had clitoris hood reduction. I did think this was the right methode to get the result I wanted, but now after two surgeries I see it is the actually clitoris that needs to get smaller for getting the result I want. I wonder if there are any surgeons that do this? And yes, I know this isnt recommended, but I have wanted this after many years, even after two surgeries that I didnt get really happy with, but still I dont regret a second. Hope to hear more about this, thanks!:-)

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Clitoropexy: To Reduce Size of the Clitoris

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Clitoropexy allows for the reduction of the clitoral
length.  There are complications
associated with the procedure including reduced or absent clitoral sensation,
which can affect one's ability to obtain orgasm.  The rate of complication may increase after
multiple clitoral hood reductions.In order to better evaluate whether the procedure could be
perform, a thorough examination would be required by an experienced cosmetic
genital surgeon.  Also, an honest
discussion regarding your expectations would also be required.Many gynecologists and plastic surgeons do not perform
clitoropexy.  As a cosmetic urologist, I
do perform clitoropexy.  Best of luck.

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