Is It Possible to Have Surgery to Make Caucasion Eyes Asian?

I was wondering if there was a surgery to make Caucasian eyes look Asian? I know there is a double eyelid surgery, but I was hoping there was something the opposite to it? Thank you.

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WIth all due respect to Dr. Lay, this is impossible.

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Grafting fat to fill the upper eyelid space is so unpredictable that no one is able to successful actually perform this.  There is a website out there that implies that this type of upper eyelid reconstruction is routinely performed.  In particular this website suggests that fat grafting is routinely performed to help restore over done Asian eyelid surgery.  Unfortunately, this method is seldom actually successful.  Certainly it would be grossly irresponsible to promise someone that this method with or without canthal surgery could convert a Western eyelid into an Asian eyelid.  There are many anatomic factors that are simply beyond our ability to control that make this outside of what is possible surgically.  So my advice is to be careful what you look for because someone may mean well and try something that has no possibility of being successful.

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Making Caucasian eyes Asian

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answer to this question is, sort of.

You can add fat or volume to the upper eyelids.

You can change the position of your crease to lower it in some cases.

You can also perform was called a, cantoplasty or cantopexy, but that surgery is typically reserved for reconstructive maneuvers on older eyelid patients. Though it's quite popular and younger patients the results of the last that long

thanks for the question

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