Surgical Options to Balance Eye Shape and Placement?

I have noticed over the past 6 years that there is a major symmetric difference in the shape and location of my eyes. Im not sure but positive it has happened because of an injury from a baseball about 7 years ago that broke my nose and left my left eye swollen for a couple of weeks. Im unaware if I was born this way because my mother never took me to see a doctor after the injury and photos from my childhood are hard to come by. Is surgery able to match and position my left eye like my right?

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You don't need to start with imaging studies.

What you need to start with is a detailed consultation to understand very carefully what your concerns are and how they actually correspond with a professional assessment of your facial appearance.  You may also have a slight preoccupation with your appearance.  That is not quite the same as having body dysmorphic disorder.  However, you have to be very careful that surgeons do not try to fit you into a square hole if you are really a round peg.  What I mean by that is that (and not to pick on a particular specialty) say you see a facial plastic surgeon.  Your real complaint relates to the shape of your eyes.  They don't have a fix for that but they convince you that say cheek and chin implants and a subtle rhinoplasty is what you need.  If these surgeries do not actually address your concerns you are at risk of being harmed by this well meaning desire to do something for you.  Eyelid issues are best addressed by aesthetically oriented oculoplastic surgeons.  The reality is that what you probably need is beyond simple credentials and there is more than appropriate for you to see many specialists before deciding on a surgeon.  Until you make that decision, stay out of the scanner.

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Asymmetric Eyes Over a Six Year Period

Hi Change,

You should consult with a facial plastic surgeon.  A CT or MRI exam of your facial bones should be performed, not only for cosmetic reasons, but to make sure that you do not have an underlying growth in your sinuses that may be causing the problem.  In otherwords, even if you decide to put off any cosmetic correction, make sure that you get evaluated now to ensure that you don't have a medical problem.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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The place to start is with a scan of the facial bones. Based on the results, surgery may help. But, the deformity, if any, has to be substantial. evening out facial asymetries is difficult at best

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Asymmetric Eye Position

It depends.  Because of your history of facial trauma, it would be most appropriate to start with radiographic imaging to determine if any damage has been done to the underlying bones.  Damage and subsequent unmatched healing of the bones would affect the position of your eyes.  Depending on what the underlying cause it, your eye position may be evened out.

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