Is There a Surgery to Alter Sound of Your Voice?

Recently read about a woman who thought her voice aged her, regardless of all the other ways she managed to look young.

She claims that in the US there is a fat injection procedure to alter the vocal chords, but I can't find any information here about it. Is this a real procedure, and how many doctors can do it?

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Voice Altering Surgery

Yes, you can have your voice altered.  This can be done in 1 of two ways, with a filler injected to the vocal cords or with a surgical procedure to alter the length of your vocal cords and thus the sound of your voice.  I do not recommend fat injections to the vocal cords.

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Surgery to alter the aging voice

A  'voice lift' as it has been called is possible and can be safe if performed by an experience laryngologist

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Yes there is, contact Dr. Larian in Beverly Hills

Yes there is, I would contact Dr. Larian in Beverly Hills for a consultation and more information.  good luck!

Babak Azizzadeh, MD
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Manipulations to alter voice quality

"Cosmetic" or "elective" manuevers to alter the voice should be discouraged.  There are treatments involving injection of the vocal cords to treat various disorders, but I don't know anyone personally who is doing fat injections to alter voice.  The cords are such delicate structures that it would be difficult to obtain with these injection techniques a specific vocal outcome in my opinion.  If there is concern regarding the voice situation, it would be best to consult an ENT specialist for a thorough exam and perhaps referral to a speech pathologist if indicated

Jerry Lugger, MD
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Fat Injections for Vocal Cords

Vocal cords, just like skin, age and lose their fullness, and become "saggy". Fat or other products, like Radiesse and Restalyne, can be injected into the vocal cord to make vocal cord more plump.  By doing this they can function more effectively and improve the voice.  Ear, nose & throat doctors with expertise in voice issues do it. 

My patients have had great experience with both fat and other injection techniques. The procedure is simple, outpatient, with little to no pain. My patients return to work the next day. 

Babak Larian, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Hydroxylapatite (Radiesse™) for voice restoration

As we age our vocal cords atrophy resulting in loss of voice quality and volume.  Otolaryngologists may augment the vocal cords with injections of hydroxylapatite which is manufactured by Merz Aesthetics in the form of Radiesse™ and Coapetite™.  In addition to their use as a volumizing filler for the face, these products are also used by other specialists including ENT and Urology.

Lewis J. Obi, M.D., FRSA - board certified plastic surgeon

Lewis J. Obi, MD
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Yes, voice sound (pitch) can be altered

Yes, the pitch of the voice can be altered by tightening or relaxing the vocal cords.  This is typically performed by an experienced ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Fat injections for aging voice doesn't work

Yes, fat injections for atrophic (aging, thinning vocal cords) has been done for quite a few years. The problem is that although it may improve the voice initially (a few weeks) it just isn't satisfactory.

Surgery to permanently alter an otherwise normal voice is not wise due to the imprecise nature and outcome of such surgery.

Reginald Rice, MD
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Voice altering surgery

There are no surgeries used to alter a normal voice, nor should any be considered.  Your voice quality and timbre are determined by your anatomy, anatomy that makes up part of your breathing system.  This anatomy is delicate and not amenable to alteration for elective voice changing.  Having said that, though, the full answer is that there are vocal cord injections that are used for hoarseness caused by nerve damage, cancer, etc.  Under no circumstances are these used for "cosmetic" voice alteration.


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