Surgery After Frontal Sinuitis?

Hello i am a 43 years old danish male. 30 Years i had surgery for a swollen eye (from sinuitis) i had a curvelular incision (side of noose over eye) where the sugeon removed some of my right supraorbital .rim leaving a depression 1. can any of you advice me where to go (Clinic/s) and wich surgeon/s (name) to see to get the absolute best for this kind of reconstructive surgery wich i believe involve CT scan and some sort of implant and revision of the old scar (I am prepared to go anywhere) ?

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Revision frontal sinus surgery

Most likely the frontal sinus was collapsed by removing the front wall of this sinus.  Often times this was done if there was a bacterial infection of the front wall of the frontal.  To reconstruct this sinus would need CT in both axial and coronal planes to see the status of the back wall of the frontal and see if there is any inflammation of the ethmoid sinus.  At the time of reconstruction it is important to remove any scar tissue just to make sure all mucous membrane is gone, the interior walls are smoothed with a drill, fat placed into the cavity and the brow bone reconstructed.  There are a variety of options including titanium mesh, split calvarial bone grafts.  I don't know of anyone in Denmark but Dr. Wolf Mann in Germany or Dr. Heinz Stamberger in Graz, Austria are well respected sinus surgeons.  Dr. Loury

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