Can Surgery or Other Procedures Help Me Achieve a More Feminine Look?

I just wanted to know how can I look more girly and can I pass as a girl? The picture is just me with my hair back. It's actually longer

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Procedures for a more feminine face

You can consider a rhinoplasty for a more feminine appearance. Your nose can be altered to refine and narrow the bridge, the tip, and the nostrils to create more of a feminine look. The remainder of your facial features are adequate and do not need to be altered.

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How to feminize the face for a more feminine look

First we should state the more common differences between male and female faces. The most obvious is women do not usually have facial hair. The treatment for that is waxing or laser hair removal. Then from the top down:

The female forehead has less bone prominence above the eyebrows with thinner, higher and a more arced eyebrows - The problem here is your hairline is high making brow surgery a little harder. The bone is burred down and partial brow lifting changes the eyebrow shape/position. You may be able to achieve some of this look just by having an esthetician pluck some of the eyebrow hairs.

The male nose is more pyramid shaped on a frontal view than the female nose. With a simple infracture, tip refining and base narrowing (just above the upper lip) you would probably get the most bang for your buck.

The female lips are usually fuller-you have adequate fullness.

The female lower jaw has less prominent jaw angles with a rounder & slightly less prominent chin. Without a side view photo this cannot be bully assessed. The usual approaches are to either shave the chin into a more feminine shape or place a feminizing chin implant depending on the specific patient.

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Feminizing procedure

Yes, there are procedures that you can have to help feminize your looks. It all depends on how invasive you are willing to be to achieve your goals. Dermal fillers can help augment your cheeks, rhinoplasty can help refine your nose, chin reduction can help soften your masculine chin, and Botox in your masseter muscle can help thin your lower face. Also, cosmetic treatments such as eyebrow thinning, Latisse for eyelash growth, colored contacts to soften the color of your eyes, and microdermabrasion to smooth your skin can also help you achieve your look. I hope this is helpful.

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Facial feminization is a special area of plastic surgery.

You should see a surgeon who specializes in this area. You can get an idea of all of the procedures that are available such as brow re-shaping and elevation, nasal surgery, chin and cheek surgery. If you Tivo this, there is a special covering this on 90210 Extreme on the E channel.

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