Had Surgery 9/10/12 for Orbital Floor Fracture. Still Have Swelling and Sunken?

Still have swelling under right eye but I'm starting to detect that my right eye seems a little sunken in. What should I do about this???

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The sunken in appearance is a complication of your fracture, sometimes aggravated by the surgical repair.  Reevaluation for further surgery should usually be delayed until the current trauma has healed.  See a good Oculoplastic specialist. Be aware that further surgery in this area can also lead to double vision, so have a strabismus/pediatric ophthalmologist evaluate you preoperatively as well. Good luck!

Chicago Ophthalmologist

Orbital floor fracture

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Speak with the surgeon who performed the surgery to ensure that you are healing as expected. If anything needs to be changed they can help you.

Ilan Cohen, MD
New York Ophthalmologist

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