Can I Get Surgery at 15?

I have several features of my face which need to be corrected surgically. My ortho has told me that I will be having jaw surgery- but at age 19 at least. I have a gummy smile & my jaw is also very misaligned- causing asymetry. My eyes are uneven- with one brow lower than the other & the eyelid covering the crease of one of my eyes. I can barely look in the mirror without feeling utterly disgusted I don't think I can wait till im 19 to have surgery. What age could I get surgery on my eyes at?

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Photos would be helpful...but with parental permission only

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As mentioned by other experts on this forum, facial surgery on someone in your age range is possible, but rare.

Facial asymmetry is the norm rather than the exception, but obviously there are different extents of asymmetry. Most cases are asymmetry are much more likely to considered by the patient, than by others.  I am always concerned when I hear terms such as "I am disgusted by...". This indicates to me that at least part of the problem is at a psychological level of the patient's perception of the problem, rather than the problem itself.

It is incredibly important for you to discuss this issue with you parents, and maybe even some psychosocial discussions/therapy, depending on you and your parents discussion.

Teens are in a very critical period of growth, not just physically, but just as importantly mentally/emotionally. Due to these reasons, we like to defer surgery as long as possible.

Good luck

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Can I Get Surgery at 15?

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The first place to start this journey would be to discuss your concerns with your parents and get their take on your situation. If your parents are supportive, you should seek a consultation with an experienced Facial Plastic or Oculoplastic Surgeon. The main concern with regard to cosmetic surgery on young people is ensuring that your expectations about the results of surgery are realistic and that you have the emotional maturity to understand the risks and benefits of the procedures. Everyone develops at a different rate. Therefore, if you really want more information about the options AND your parents are 100% supportive you should seek several consultation to gather information. However, extensive cosmetic surgery on young women in their teens is very uncommon for the reasons I've mentioned above. I hope this information is helpful.

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Is surgery possible at age 15?

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You would need a consultation to determine if you might be a candidate for any type of eyelid or brow surgery.  If you were determined to be a good candidate for surgery, it is possible that surgery could be done at age 15 with a parent's consent.  Unless there is some hereditary or traumatic issue involved, it would be very unusual for a 15 year old to be a good candidate for eyelid or brow surgery though.  

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