Have I Had Too Many Breast Surgeries?

I had a breast reduction at 25 but after another pregnancy I went back in at 36 for Breast Lift with implants & incisions on breast fold & a vertical incision (no cuts around areola he likes to avoid compromise of nipple & blood supply) PS hoped it would tighten things up enough, that was 9 months ago & I feel like more skin could be removed & P.S. agrees. Is he being ultra conservative? I healed great from surgeries & wonder if I should push for full anchor lift? Or is 3rd surgery pushing it?

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Breast lift

All breasts sag a bit even afte a lift. It is impossible to completely control the ability of the breast to stay tight.  It would be hard to say without an exam.

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How tight is tight? Breast lift and reduction

The question with any dermolipectomy procedure is the issue of removing enough skin but not too much so that wound closure is under excessive tension placing it at higher risk for complications. It is always easier to go back and remove more than to treat a wound separation. This should be a relatively minor revision and if your plastic surgeon agrees, I believe it is a reasonable option.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Breast revisions

Your doctor is correct in trying to protect you from bad healing problems from loss of adequate blood supply.  However, it does sound like he/she is being perhaps a bit too conservative.  Maybe you should go to the most experienced surgeon in your area because you can achieve more tone without more undermining of the blood supply and get a tighter better shape improvement.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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