Breast Augmentation and Buttocks Fat Transfer - Can They Be Done Together?

1st)Breast aug. always had smaller breast but now that I have kids i REALLY do not feel comfortable. 2nd),transfer fat to my butt.Always had a nice "rear" shape but definition has disappeared with the weight added in my waist and thighs. I wanna get fit but I dont want to lose my shape(butt)and i just want fuller breast no matter what! Please help with any advice!!! Not trying to get a "big" butt just insure ill have a more sculpted butt w/fuller breast. I can send pics. can mulitple be done or one first and which one?

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Combined Breast Augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift

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You can certainly have a breast augmentation and fat transfer to the buttocks together as one procedure.  The key is to go to a plastic surgeon who is experienced in both procedures and can evaluate you to make sure you're a good candidate for the procedure, but in general both can be done together safely.

Breast implant augmentation and brazilian butt lift

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Certainly both procedures can be performed together but you may require more than one session for satsifactory buttock augmentation.

Breast augmentation and fat injections

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A breast augmentation can certainly be performed at the same time as a buttock augmentation with fat grafting.

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