Eyes Still Not Even After Two Eyelid Surgeries

Hi there! I had surgery in Spring of 2008 to get double eyelids for my eyes. After a year of waiting, my eyes didn't look any better. So I went back in 2009 to get one eye re-done to look like the other eye. A year past and the results are still the same. My right eye has a bigger cut than the other. What can I do or what are my options? I want to get surgery done to get it to look natural. Thank you.

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Whoever did this surgery does not understand anchor blepharoplasty.

Dear Won

I am hoping that now 6 months later, things are much better for you.  However, these photos suggest thay your surgeon did not properly structure your upper eyelid crease.  I say this because there is excess skin that has been left on the eyelid platform beteen the eyelashes and the crease.  Also the lateral aspect of the eyelid platform should break up and instead you have been given a half moon eyelid shape.  The lax skin on th eyelid platform does not properly suport the lower eyelid lashes.  This can be improve by a surgeon who knows what they are doing.

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Eyes Still Not Even After Two Eyelid Surgeries

Asian eyelid surgery for the formation of double eyelid is a very specialized surgery which need precision. Most often when there is asymmetry, both eyelids need to be revised in order to achieve symmetric  double eyelid.

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