Surgeries for Congenital Ptosis That Left Me Unable to Blink?

I have had 3 surgeries on my left eye as i have congenital ptosis where my eyelid droops lower and doesn't blink. I was wondering is there any surgeries available so my left eye can blink. Or if not, could i make my right eye not blink so it's less noticeable.

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In general ptosis can be difficult

In general ptosis can be difficult and depending on the type of surgery there may be problems with eyelid closure. You should return to your doctor, or, get a second opinion from an oculofacial plastic surgeon. For more information on ptosis visit my website.

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It is best if the eyelids blink.

Congential ptosis is really a life time problem.  Unfortunately surgery directed at helping the eye open can make it difficult to close the eye.  With an actual assessment it is impossible to render an opinion regarding what is going one.  However, nothing should be done that might harm the other eye.  Interfering with the blink mechanism can cause profound eye problems and should be avoided.

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Surgeries for congenital ptosis

Not a question for the net. Seek in person consultations with an expert in eye plastic surgery in your area or go to University programs to seek aid.


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