5 surgeries later and still can't reach 75% symmetry! Is there no hope? (photo)

I was a small C w/breast lift after my baby. My breasts bottomed out. Breasts were 90% symmetrical pre-implant. Decided to go w/implants to become full C. I had submuscular high profile Mentor implants 350cc on both sides. Right breast a nice oval shape & left very round & much lower. 5 surgeries later didn't fix the problem. My PS suggested subglandular to correct. I asked for smaller implants, 225cc. It's been 2 wks after my 6th surgery and I see the same issue! Am I asking for too much?

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Options for breast asymmetry after implants

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Every revision carries with it a higher probability of the need for further revision surgery, but without knowing more details we can only give you general guidance online. First, if the problem is bottoming out, then adding support is often necessary. This could be with an internal bra using Strattice or SERI scaffold. (Under muscle adds upper pole coverage, not support.) Second, if the asymmetry involves differences in the skin envelope, then some version of a lift may be needed. If there is also a volume difference, then expender implants such as Mentor Spectrum might help.

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Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation and Lift

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I am sorry you are having this problem. Augmentation mastopexy carries a higher risk of complications on average than either a mastopexy or augmentation alone. Many surgeons do not perform this surgery in one stage, preferring to do it in two so that there are less variables, and they are more likely to get it right. Additionally, high profile implants have a higher risk of complications than lower profile implants. The two combined put you at a sizable risk for a problem, especially in the hands of someone who is not expert in complex cosmetic breast surgery.

Your photo exhibits an implant that is sitting lower in the pocket than the other implant. It has lifted the inframammary scar off the chest wall, and lengthened the distance from nipple to fold. This is the extent of the discrepancies that I can see by photo, and based on this, a capsulorrhapy would bring the implant back up into alignment with the other, and do so permanently.

I think that what you're asking is not too much.

Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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Recurrent breast asymmetry following surgery

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Adjustable breast implants are very advantageous in correcting asymmetry after surgery.

The volume of the implant can be increased or decreased in order to match the opposite side

See attached link

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Revision breast surgery

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I think you should stop having revisions at this point. Your breasts individually look good, and you have to realize that each breast is always going to be a bit different. Folds are always different to some extent, chasing this issue ( 6 x in already) should give you pause.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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