DO Surgeons Study Their Patients Faces Before Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I went with 3 surgeons....don't know who to choose because the procedures are all different.. the first one I could tell he was tired he just said he was going to cut from the sides. 2 surgeon said he was going to cut from my ear and make my nose a better tip + narrow my bridge + cut from the sides. 3. close rhinoplasty Prices went from $6000-$13000. I would like some advise I'm afraid to do too much to my nose. I would also like to know if surgeons study their patients procedure before surgery?

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Help with making a decision on rhinolasty!

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First, you have a VERY difficult nose to correct, do not allow just anyone to correct, you need to feel comfortable with your surgeon, you ned to agree with his plan and his goals need to meet yours. Good luck

Good surgeons study patient photos in great detail.

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You should understand all proposed surgery and why it is being done. Do not go by imaging--but rather by quality of results    

Choose a very experienced surgeon since your nose is not for the beginner!

Toby Mayer, MD
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Thank you for your question. To answer your question, yes, plastic surgeons will typically take pre-op photos to formulate a surgical plan. Take your time researching surgeons so that you can find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has extensive experience with rhinoplasty. Also you should expect to have a second consult with the surgeon you felt most comfortable with in order to discuss your particular plan in greater detail.  Consider going on more consults until you find a surgeon who is qualified and able to explain to you in detail what results you can expect. I also recommend that you bring in photos to show the surgeon your likes and dislikes.   Good luck to you!

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Bridge Elevation, Tip Reduction, and Alar Base Resection

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    I would go with the one that was elevating the bridge, reducing the tip, and narrowing the base of the nose.  I perform this through a closed approach, but this can be performed through an open approach.

Rhinoplasty questions

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No doubt about it, your case is more difficult than your average rhinoplasty.  I agree with narrowing the bridge as well as the nostrils.  The most important thing is to chose a surgeon who is experienced with your type of problem.  Ask the surgeons to show you cases they have done that are similar to yours and you will be better able to make your decision.

Experienced rhinoplasty do study the patient's faces

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Surgeons also study the nose to formulate a surgical plan of correction.  It is also very important for patients to have realistic expectations regarding the amount of change that is able to be accomplished.  You have a difficult nose due to the shortness of the nose and thick skin

Complex ethnic rhinoplasty

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You have a broad flat nose with clearly visible (and sturdy) lower cartilages.  If your goal is a more refined tip you will need some type of cartilage graft, probably from your ear but maybe also from your septum (or, worst case scenario, from your rib).  With enough support you can expect a very fine result.

When choosing your surgeon be sure of the following:

1) you and your surgeon are on the same page regarding what you want and what is possible;

2) you understand exactly what is going to be done and why;

3) your surgeon can show you a comprehensive portfolio of pre- and post-op pictures including pictures of patients like you so you can gauge your surgeon's experience and capabilities;

4) choose only a surgeon Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Video Imaging Helps to Simulate your Rhinoplasty Result

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I believe video imaging is a great teaching tool for patients considering a shape change to their nose. Computer video imaging allows the surgeon to analyze the patient's facial shape and proportions during the consultation and suggest the changes that can be possible, and also allows the patients to see a simulation of the goals of the procedure. It also allows the patient to see how the shape of their forehead, prominence of the chin and proportions of their face all play a role in the determination of the most favorable shape of the nose.


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I do not know a surgeon who does not look over the photos and their notes to determine the best operative plans for their patients. Every patient to me is treated with the best of care and their happiness and good outcome are the most important things.

DO Surgeons Study Their Patients Faces Before Rhinoplasty?

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the picture are not clear enough, but this nose is very complicated, and it is possible to treat by different ways. Consult a qualified surgeon.   

Maria Cristina Picon, MD
Argentina Plastic Surgeon

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