Since when Have Surgeons Not Put You to Sleep for Cosmetic Surgery?

I am planning on getting a BBL and have gone for a consultation. Have you heard of Brazilian Buttock Lift with PRP? Is this safe? Lisa from Dallas, Texas

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HI Lisa, 

It seems from your post you are asking two questions and if I have assumed incorrectly, then I apologize in advance.  First, from the body of your post you are looking to get a Brazilian Buttock Lift with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).  In my opinion, the use of PRP alone would not provide enough volume (even over time) to give very noticeable results.  However, there are many plastic surgeons who use PRP as an additive when transferring your own fat to your buttocks (Brazilian Butt LIft).  There is research to show that use of PRP with autologous fat grafting will lead to improved retention of the fat that is transferred.  Secondly, from the title of your post, it seems you are concerned that you are not going to be under general anesthesia for your procedure.  Here in our office, we use a very nice "cocktail" to achieve a twilight sleep without the use of general anesthesia.  This allows us to avoid the risks associated with general anesthesia while still providing comfort for our patients.  In addition, since they are not "knocked-out" for the procedure, they can be asked to stand to assess the final results prior to completion of the procedure.  I hope this helped and good luck with your procedure.

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