How Do Surgeons Prep for Body and Arm Lift for the Most Natural Results?

What will the skin look like on the arm after a body/arm lift?

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Best candidate for Body lift in Los Angeles

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Most patients that I see in Los Angeles for Body lift and Brachioplasty do undergo a comprehensive consultation with me in order to determine the best type of bodylift and brachioplasty. At that time address individual patient concerns, types of cloths that they want to be able to wear and techniques for body lift, and scar placement.

Prep for body and arm lift surgery

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The most important thing a surgeon does for these operations is to select his/her patients carefully.  Patients need to be healthy and at or near a healthy weight.  These are not operations to have done instead of loosing weight! 

The surgeon needs to really plan carefully and take as much time as needed for careful marking.  Also, the surgeon needs to schedule enough time so he/she does not have to hurry and has time to make adjustments  intraoperatively if necessary. 

These cases can be very, very tricky and need to be done with a lot of care.  They always take most of if not all of the day for me.

Body and Arm Lifting Surgery?

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Thank you for the question.

There are many principles involved with body and arm lifting surgery. As plastic surgeons we want to remove enough tissue to eliminate looseness/redundancy but not too much tissue ( that would leave a patient with deformity or wound healing problems).

In my opinion, the planning stage for these operations are critical. As much as possible,  I prefer to do these markings/ planning a day or 2 prior to surgery. This allows the surgeon and patient sufficient time to plan the operation without the " hubbub"  of surgery day  activity.

Part of the planning process involves planning incision lines ( and the resulting scar lines)  so that they are as “hidden” as possible ( especially in clothing).  Generally, the markings are best done in the upright position,  depending on exactly what procedure is being performed.

Generally, you will find that your skin will appear “tighter”,  but otherwise unchanged after the procedures.  Patients should still expect some redundancy of skin,  that will allow the body part to go through full range of motion ( for example, there may still be some skin laxity when a patient is sitting after tummy tuck surgery as opposed to when he/she is standing).

Part of the plastic surgeons responsibility also is to help the patient achieve realistic expectations.

I hope this helps.

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