Why Surgeons in Europe and the US Seem to Recommend Different Implants and Who to Listen to? (photo)

I'm a girl from Denmark. Due to my slim figure (5.10 and 121 lbs), surgeons in Denmark have recommended me to get highly cohesive anatomical implants for the most natural result. However, judging from many of the answers on this forum, is seems to be that round implants with a smooth surface is often preferred in the US, even on skinny girls like myself. I want a result that not only looks but also feels natural and am not sure how best to achieve this. Who should I listen to?

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Different Implants in Different Countries

There is no scientific rationale for using different implants in different countries. However, in the United States Round, Smooth gel implants are used most often over Textured implants because the scientific data shows that textured implants are not needed unless they are used for 3 reasons – 1. in a subglandular position, 1. in breast reconstruction, or 3. To prevent recurrent capsular contractures. In South America, textured implants are used more often because breast implants are placed in a subglandular position for breast augmentation.

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Why Surgeons in Europe and the US Seem to Recommend Different Implants and Who to Listen to? (photo)

Very hard to give advise on which is better. Are you living in USA now or still in Denmark. I ask because if you use a product not available in USA and have an issue we cannot replace like for like. So my opinion is use the implant to area your are living in. 

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Implant choices

Every surgeon does things a bit differently because of different experiences that they have.  Good luck.  

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Who to Listen to Regarding Breast Implants?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

The most important decision you make is choosing a well experienced plastic surgeon who can demonstrate a significant experience helping patients  in your situation. If that surgeon can demonstrate hundreds of beautiful results using his/her technique you should feel comfortable proceeding.

 In my opinion, based on your stated goals, I think you will do very well with round, silicone gel breast implants.  As you have likely learned, one of the concerns that exists when shaped or anatomical breast implants are used involves the potential for  rotation or shifting of the breast implants  in the breast  implant pockets.  If this shifting/rotation occurs, the breast shape may change;  this change may necessitate further surgery to correct.

On the other hand, if your chosen plastic surgeon can demonstrate significant experience with these types of implants ( and a low rate of complications/need for revisionary surgery)  I would not argue.

I hope this helps.

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Why Surgeons in Europe and the US Seem to Recommend Different Implants

Bear in mind that the highly cohesive implants are not available for general use in the US, so most surgeons do not even have the option. Your surgeons in Denmark have a choice and have made their recommendation. The main criticism I hear about the highly cohesive implants is that they feel stiffer than the softer gels.Once they are released here in the US I am sure you will read more about them on these pages. 

Thanks, good luck. I hope this helps a little. 

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