How to Drain a Seroma? Breast Implant Seroma

My surgeon is on vacation and a seroma refilled. Should I go to another doctor? He had already drained it with a needle once. Can a general doctor drained it? he comes back in a week and a half, should I wait? Should I go to another plastic surgeon? can a capsule developed?

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How to Drain a Seroma? Breast Implant Seroma

It is best that someone who is familar with your unique circumstances provide care unless it is an absolute emergency. Covering physicians should have access to your medical records whereas other surgeons may not. A seroma drainage surrounding an implant is not a routine procedure and requires specialized equipment that not every surgeon has available to them .  

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Seroma of breast

I am sorry that you have a problem with your breast,  If your surgeon is away, he/she should have someone available who is covering him.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Recurrent Complications while Plastic Surgeon is Away

Plastic surgeons, like all other people, have families and need time off to recharge and relax. Every surgeon i know tells his patients when he will be away and arranges for a colleague to be available and see after his patients in his absence. I would suggest you call your surgeon's office and see if they can arrange for you to see the surgeon covering his practice. No need to wait.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Treating seromas

Seromas are collections of fluid which may occur after different types of surgical procedures. They are usually treated by needle aspiration, but more than one treatment may be required as they sometimes recur. If your plastic surgeon is away, there may be a covering physician who is also a plastic surgeon and who would be best able to discuss and manage any issues you have.

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
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