Can a Surgeon Other Than the One That Performed Surgery Administer Kenalog Injections 3-4 Wks After Rhino?

How Long Till They kick in, & how long do they last? I got an open rhinoplasty/medpor implant that looks awful 2 weeks ago & hate how I look, but the swelling (in & out) makes it worse.My surgeon is out of state & gave me a prednisone dose I've run out of. I have thick, ethnic, acne-prone skin prone to pitting but regularly get cortisone injections w/no trouble.What can I do to minimize a bad situation? When is it safe to try a 3rd rhino/de-rotate my tip?I don't want the medpor implant to be too hard to remove.

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Kenalog injections and rhinoplasty

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In general, the results of Kenalog injections are evident within a few days. You will want to have the injections performed by your surgeon if possible, as they know the details of your initial procedure. But if necessary, you can get a referral to another surgeon who can perform the injections for you. I would not consider a revision procedure just yet, as you are still experiencing swelling from your procedure. Patients with thick skin will have swelling that lingers for a longer period of time, and it can take a while before the final result is evident. I would wait a full year before considering a revision. Some factors that can lead to the degree of swelling are as follow:

1) Thickness of the patient's skin
2) Whether the procedure was a revision
3) Whether or not the procedure was open or closed
4) Whether or not tip work was performed

I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

Kenalog or 5-FU injections for out of town patients

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Touch base with your surgeon regarding your concerns.  He/she may be able to recommend a doctor in your area that could perform the injections, if that is what he/she thinks would be best to minimize your swelling.  I would wait a full year before considering another revision.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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