Can a Surgeon Do a Rhinoplasty and Sinusitis Surgery at the Same Time?

i have sinusitis but i also wanted a rhinoplasty. i asian so my nose is really flat. i was wondering if both can he done at the same time and if so, will insurance cover for some of the fees? how much is rhinoplasty for nose that needs.a high bridge and a slight point at the tip?

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Rhinoplasty and sinus surgery simultaneously

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Both procedures can certianly be done at the same time, and there are even some surgeons comfortable performing both.  Alternatively, it may be possible to arrange to have two surgeons operate on you during the same surgery.  Insurance will not cover cosmetic rhinoplasty, but typically do cover sinus surgery.  

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Combining rhinoplasty and sinus surgery

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It is possible to combine rhinoplasty with sinus surgery. Insurance won't cover the cosmetic portion of surgery but the functional (sinus surgery) aspects are typically covered.

Your surgeon's office should be able to help out with getting preauthorization from your insurance company.

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Can a Surgeon Do a Rhinoplasty and Sinusitis Surgery at the Same Time?

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Yes, several surgeons adept at nasal surgery will perform functional and cosmetic procedures in the same setting. There are also surgeons who work as teams with one performing the functional portion and one performing the cosmetic portion of the case. As for insurance coverage, that depends on your specific plan. You can ask your surgeon's staff to assist you in that process.

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