Surgeon for Revision Otoplasty

Hello, I am looking for an experienced surgeon for a revision otoplasty in New York? Any tips? Thank you so much!

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Revision of otoplasty

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It is possible to perform a revision of otoplasty if there is an imbalance between the ears after the initial surgery. Your best bet is to allow the healing process to complete and to consider it a revision otoplasty only 8 to 10 months after your initial surgery. Discuss with your surgeon if you would like to change the shape of the ear, the position of the ear, the distance between the ear and your scalp, or the shape and position of the ear lobe.

Otoplasty revision from a New York Surgeon

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Choose a plastic surgeon in New York who can show you before and after photos of his own patients, and speak with his patients (by phone) who have had otoplasty! This is a difficult procedure to do right, as you have already found out. Choose a board certified plastic surgeon and ASAPS member who specifically demonstrates to you that otoplasty is his specialty (not all of us specialize in all procedures). Hope this helps!

Otoplasty is a procedure that requires an experienced surgeon!

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I believe Otoplasty is a procedure that requires a very experienced detail oriented surgeon. I am not sure who has significant experience with this operation in your area and please recognize that the second surgeon does have to deal with some scar tissue that makes the surgery more complex. It is unfortunate that you do not live in our area as we do have extensive experience over 25 years with this procedure.

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