Why would a surgeon reduce 450 cc saline implants to 330 instead of just using 325 cc?

I just had a reduction and lift.   I do not understand why my surgeon chose such a large implant when we only discussed 300 and smaller.  Is there some advantage to reducing a larger implant?  120 cc seems like a lot.  Can I expect my breast to look deflated over time? (I had 450 cc silicon previously.)  I am 8 weeks out.  Also, how can I tell if they are saline versus silicone?  No serial numbers were provided to me and the op notes say silicone but also say saline implants were reduced.  Can silicone implants be reduced during surgery like saline? Mine are under the muscle.  I cannot seem to tell by feel or behavior, but I am getting a lot of adhesions underneath. He has had to perforate one post surgical.  I do not want to continue to have these issues, and I had an auto-immune response to silicone which was in part a reason for the surgery to begin with.

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Breast Augmentation Specialist

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I agree with the other surgeons who have reviewed this question. The story is confusing. It is noteworthy that a size reduction of 120 ccs is not excessive. This probably represents about a single cup size change in your situation.  It is imperative to obtain your operative records and all your implant information. If the implant information is not available from your surgeon's office, you will surely be able to obtain it from the facility where the procedure was performed.

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Your story is confusing.  You need to sit down with your surgeon and clear up all your concerns.  I would ask for a copy of the operative report.  It should clearly state what type of implant was use.

Todd B. Koch, MD
Buffalo Plastic Surgeon
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Lots of confusion

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I am confused just reading your story, so I am sure you're very confused and frustrated. Ask for the operative report, and the brand, serial number, model and fill volume of your implants. I'm not sure where you're located, but in the US we have stickers containing all of that information and cards that are provided to the patient to minimize confusion and document the exact device placed. Being in Houston I will say that I have taken care of numerous patients with implants placed outside of the US who were told they had a certain size or type of implant, or pocket (submuscular/subglandular) only to discover during surgery, they had either had a lapse of memory, or perhaps were not told accurate information by their first surgeon........ This is why we always recommend a high volume, well trained, board certified plastic surgeon.

Questions about fill volume

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Seems like there is a good deal of miscommunicatin between you and your plastic surgeon.  It you not be that hard to determine what implant and what fill volume was used. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Implants have a minimum fill volume.

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I think you need to sit down have a discussion with your plastic surgeon. There is clearly some miscommunication involved. Saline implants have a minimum feel volume. They can be overinflated somewhat but should never be underinflated.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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