Best Surgeon for Nasal Asymmetry and Nose Lengthening/nostril Lowering?

Hi, 2 months ago i had a nosejob. I had a secondary hump on my supratip; surgery was to take this down/slightly deproject.My asymmetry now looks a lot worse, my top lip now looks too long because my nose is too short on my face and i have some alar retraction. The surgeon said my front view wouldnt change and it has.I would like my nose to have the same proportions from the front as it had before and to correct the asymmetry. Could you recommend the best surgeon for this? i am willing to travel.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

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I'm sorry to hear about your experience.  It is difficult to make any assessment without seeing any photos from before the surgery and your nose/face now.  It would also be helpful if you can obtain your operative report from your previous surgeon.  If you are too shy to post your photos here, please contact my office to arrange for a consultation.

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Who is the best surgeon

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Every body wants the ' BEST SURGEON" every surgeon thinks HE/SHE IS THE BEST SURGEON"

As a patient who wants 'THE BEST SURGEON "  are you willing to pay the highest prices for that?

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