Surgeon Liposuctioned Something I Didn't Ask for

I had lipo on my legs only. I made this clear. I woke with scars on my flanks- I did not want this and am left with unsightly scars. His nurse agreed what they are from. I haven't said anything to him yet. Do I have the right to make a big deal?

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Liposuction concerns

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You should really talk to your surgeon regarding your concerns.  Sometimes things are "lost in translation."  The incisions on your flanks may have been for access to your lateral thighs.

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Questions regarding your lipsosuction should be addressed with your surgeon, not nurse

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There might be a miscommunication, or the nurse might be incorrect.  Possibly the surgeon used additional insertion sites to provide you a bettter result on the thighs and wanted to hide them in an area that is covered by the wasteline of clothing. You must ask your surgeon, not his assistant to see what and why something was done. You might be easily reassured and save yourself much unnecessary grief.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Doctor-Patient Communication

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If liposuction was performed on area that had not been discussed and planned preoperatively with your surgeon, then you should definetely bring this up with them.  Sometimes a surgeon is given a little leeway to contour the areas to make them blend in as much as possible, but if this was not discussed preoperatively, then it should not have been done without the patient's consent.  I hope this helps.

Doctor-Patient Miscummunication and Distrust

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The fundamental foundation of a sound doctor patient relation is good communication and trust. It sounds like this is not the case between you and your surgeon.

While ugly liposuction scars CAN be easily revised and made inconspicuous, once there is no trust between you and your surgeon it cannot be regained and nothing much matters.

I cannot understand why your surgeon felt he had to place scars where he did and without pictures cannot begin to explain it. BUT- there is nothing wrong with asking these questions in a non-belligerent tone. As a Plastic surgeon I WANT my patients to understand what is TO be done and what WAS done. I'm sure your surgeon would be only too glad to explain things to you and make things right.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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