Surgeon Said Liposuction is an Option for Me...but I'm Not So Sure? (photo)

I am a 23 y.o male that is 60 lbs lighter than I was in school (195 vs 255). I visited an aesthetic center to discuss a tummy tuck, & to my surprise the surgeon thought lipo would be 1 option for me based on my age and how he viewed my skin. He said it was a subjective call & that lipo would leave the tummy "soft", but he thought that my skin should not hang after. Could you review my pic & see if you agree? Pic 1=no sucking in, 2=gut sucked in, 3=lifting slightly (would like to look like this)

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Thank you for the very detailed question. It looks like you would benefit from just liposuction, but if you’re looking to have a flat tummy and not have to worry about the excessive skin you can do a dermalipectomy (just removing the skin). It is up to you on what kind of results you are really wanting.


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Tummy Tuck or Just Liposuction

   Loose skin is not really made better by liposuction, but it can be made worse.  Liposuction will always reduce volume, but skin quality will be an issue afterwards. 

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Surgeon Said Liposuction is an Option for Me...but I'm Not So Sure?

You ARE NOT a candidate for any type of liposuction! In my opinion.  Too much excess skin! Was this doctor an American boarded PS?? 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction versus tummy tuck

Hi Brian, I don't think that there is a clear answer for you.  You have three options:  1. liposuction, 2. liposuction with a limited lower abdominal tummy tuck, 3. full tummy tuck.  Personally, I think you would get the best result from a full tummy tuck but the tradeoff is a transverse scar going about from hip to hip.  If you did liposuction and weren't pleased with the result, you could always come back and have a tummy tuck done.  Good luck!

Jeffrey E. Kyllo, MD
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