Surgeon Would Like to Remove a Little Bit More Skin from my Breasts. How Risky Is This and Is it Worth It?

I just saw my surgeon for my 6 mod follow up. I had a breast lift (lollipop incision) as well as my implants replaced. I am happy with the size and positioning and I actually thought they looked quite good however my surgeon feels that it would be better to remove a little bit more skin (one side a wee bit more) and redo the lift. It would be done under local w/sedation and I may need a bit of horizontal (anchor) incision this time. How much of risk is this and do you think it would be worth it?

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If you are happy - ask him for a raincheck!

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Hi.  As plastic surgeons, we are perfectionists and and have expectations for our surgical results that may exceed some of our patients.  My suggestion to you is that you ask him for a raincheck on the revision.  I assume that it was going to be done at no charge.  If so, and you are happy, ask that you be able to wait to see how everything settles over the next six months.  If your breast look great in your swim suit, sun dresses (without a bra) and when you look at them out of all clothing, over the next six months, then I think you have your answer.  If you feel that they could use a little skin tightening and are willing to accept the minimal risks associated with the small revision surgery, then do it in the fall.  This way, yoiu can let the incisions settle over the winter months when you are in heavier clothing and less likely to get sun exposure in your swim suit and light weight summer outfits.  I hope this is helpful information.  Dr. Scott Barr



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Minor Breast Revision

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If you are happy with your breast, tell your surgeon you would like to revisit that option at a later date.  As Plastic Surgeons, we like perfect!  The choice is yours. 

Surgery revision on breasts

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It is your call to decide whether or not you want to undergo a revison. Remember plastic surgeons by nature are perfectionists.  If you are happy it is your choice.

The enemy of good...

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The best person to judge the results of your breast surgery is you, the patient.  It is highly unusual to have a surgeon suggest additional work on relatively recent surgery, especially when you have indicated your satisfaction to him/her.  I would be very cautious in this situation since the risk of worsening your appearance is high and can be permanent.

Plastic surgery revisions

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While it is nice that your surgeon is a perfectionist and wants you to have the best result, all surgeries, even revisions, have some risks so unless this is something YOU want to do, politely decline.

Revisionary Breast Surgery Indicated?

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Thank you for the question.

I'm glad that you are pleased with the results of your breast surgery.  Generally speaking, I would not suggest revisionary breast surgery (understanding that every operation, no matter how “minor” has its potential risks/complications associated with it)  unless there is an issue that concerns you.

I would suggest that you meet with your plastic surgeon again to further address his concerns and to determine if revision surgery is “necessary” for an improved long-term result.  Otherwise, I would suggest that you leave well enough alone.

Best wishes.

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