Shortened Smile After V-Y Lip Augmentation with Fat Transfer - Nerve Damage? (photo)

My surgeon told me that my lips could not get fuller only with fat, but needed VY-plasty. 3 years after my smile is shorter than before, less teeth show. I am wondering if the smile curls up in a different way than before because of where the surgeons put the stitches? Before the "lines" on the side of my nose were aligned with the place where my smile curls, and now its not. Please help me, do I need a nerve specialist? I would like more teeth to show as before and my lips also look asymmetric.

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V-Y augmentation

V-Y lengthen the upper lip so less teeth will show. This surgery deals with the inside lining so there should be no problem with lip movement. You could get EMG studies, but it probably will not show any damage.


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