Does my Surgeon Need to Fix my Uneven Breast

I have my breast implant a month ago,but the breast are uneven. Before I went in for surgery, my surgeon notice the different in my breast size, but she told me that I dont need to order two different size to make them even. Somehow after my 335cc cohesive gel implant, its really noticable, and the implant is too small for my body type. Do I need to paid if I want another implant to fix her mistake. How long do I have to wait before consider another surgery. Thanks for all your answers.

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Breast implant revision for uneven breasts

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If you are very unhappy with the chosen breast implants it is possible to have a revision after one month, though it is better to wait at least six months. Asymmetries can persist after augmentation, and sometimes an implant the same size, especially if large compared to the initial breast cup size will work out as the percentage difference in the breast is smaller. If you do think your surgeon got it wrong discuss his policies with him.

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Does my Surgeon Need to Fix my Uneven Breast

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That is between you and your chosen surgeon if he will correct the asymmetry at no charge or fee. It does sound a bit unusual that the same cc was used if asymmetric preoperatively. 

Uneven breasts after surgery

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It is normal for breast to be a little uneven both before and after surgery.  Asymmetric swelling after the procedure may accentuate the differences temporarily.  To properly assess them you should allow about three months for the swelling to subside and implants to settle into place.  

Surgery may also make you more aware of differences just due to the fact that you are now paying much more attention to your breasts and their asymmetries. Placing similar size implants should not have changed the differences significantly.  You should talk to your surgeon and review your before and after photos together before you decide on revising them. 

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I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with your results following surgery.  Correcting breast asymmetry can be quite challenging since there may be many variables involved including volume, skin excess, bony abnormalities, shape, position of the nipple-areolar complex etc. etc.  If you are unhappy with your appearance you need to discuss these concerns with your physician.  I am sure you will reach an amicable solution.  

Todd B. Koch, MD
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Breast augmentation can magnify an asymmetry

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Some asymmetries of the breasts can be corrected by different sized implants such as when there is a volume difference between the 2 breasts.  If the nipples and creases are at different heights, for example, the augmentation can actually magnify the asymmetry unless you do sommething more.

Who pays for a revision is up to your surgeon.

Revision for uneven breasts

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I am sorry for your displeasure with the results. Correcting breast asymmetry can be tricky, and can take multiple procedures for optimal results. Your surgeon has a vested interest in ensuring your happiness. Maintain your calm and continue to communicate your concerns with your surgeon. A reasonable surgeon and a reasonable patient can usually come to a mutually agreeable arrangement regarding revision and fees.

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Breast Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation?

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I'm sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with the results of breast surgery. It would be in your best interest to have a calm/nonaccusatory conversation with your plastic surgeon. I'm sure she will do her best to help you achieve your goals.

Best wishes.

Asymmetry Following Implants

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Many patients present prior to breast implant surgery with types of asymmetries is size, nipple position, breast fold position and shape. Some of these can be improved and some may be magnified. I am sorry about your dissatisfaction and suggest you discuss your concerns with your surgeon. As to payment for further surgery this is something between you and your surgeon.

Richard Linderman, MD
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Breast Revision

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It is usually advisable to wait several months before any revisions of your breast surgery.  It often takes time for the swelling to resolve and the implants to settle.  However, if you still have marked asymmetry, then you may want to consider a revision.  It is best to talk to your surgeon about the process and the costs involved.  In many offices there is a policy on revisions and you may be able to talk to the office manager about your surgeon's policy. 


Good Luck.

Uneven breasts

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First, most breasts have some asymmetry. Sometimes implants magnify the differences a bit. You should discuss the revision policy with your doctor if you are not happy.

Steven Wallach, MD
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