Surgeon Didnt Listen to What I Wanted For my Rhinoplasty, and the Revision Sound Fishy?(photo)

I had rhinoplasty over a year ago for a small hump removal and to make my tip less wide aswell as deprojection. My surgeon didnt deproject my tip at all, instead he added extra to make it pointy. now my nose is sooo long (nearly 3cm overprojected) and i gotta pollybeak aswell im soo unhappy because of it. Ive had a consultation for revision with him becuase of the soft tissue. he gonna shave under the soft tissue?? not remove it. and he said will be a quick surgery this sounds fishy to me.

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Uncertain about Recommendations for Revision Rhinoplasty

You have been patient, waiting for a year after your rhinoplasty before considering a revision. I'm not sure what you mean when you say he is going to shave under the soft tissue. Your entire profile needs to be reduced. I suggest you get a second opinion because it sounds like you have lost confidence in your surgeon.

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Unhappy with Primary Rhinoplasty

You do indeed have more fullness in the lower bridge than the upper bridge of your nose. Shaving additional cartilage from the lower bridge may indeed improve the overall aesthetics of the nose. There may also be excessive scar or fibro-fatty tissue that can be removed as well. It would make sense to have at least one additional consultation with an experienced nasal surgeon to get another opinion. If possible, take a copy of your operative note with you as that can oftentimes help the consultant to better assess just what can be done to improve things. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

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