If a Surgeon Has to Have You Go Back into Surgery to Release an Implant Who is Suppose to Cover the Cost?

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Revision cost

All plastic surgeons have diffferent policies.  In most cases the patient is responsible for the operating room and anesthesia costs and sometimes a small surgical fee.


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Revision procedures do occur

There are many reasons for implants to have an uneven healing.  Some of the reasons have to do with the surgical technique and some have to do with the patient's body and some have to do with the compliance of the patient with postoperative instructions.  Many times you can not assess an exact cause.  No matter what the cause the revision procedure needs to be done.  Every surgeon will have a policy or standard way to deal with this situation.  In my practice I will generally not charge any surgeon's fee and the patient will pay the surgery center fees for supplies.


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Dr. Peterson

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Customary to pay for supplies and anesthesia

I'm not clear on what you mean by "release an implant", but if your implant pocket was created too high relative to the other side, your surgeon should generally cover the cost if he was at fault.  If you have developed a capsular contracture which is a risk with any augmentation surgery, it is customary to have the patient pay a nominal fee for the capsulectomy procedure and for the operating room fee, supplies, and anesthesia.  Of course, policies and procedures vary from doctor to doctor and in either case, I have heard of at least nominal charges to the patient.  When you undergo any type of elective procedure, you are informed of risks and benefits and usually the benefits outweigh the risks.  It is unfortunate when a complication occurs but there are fees associated with addressing the complication.

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