Do surgeons ever make exceptions for over weight people to have a breast reduction?

I'm 28 I weigh 224lbs and I'm 5'2. I have been dieting for months and since I can't exercise much because of back pain I have only been able to lose 3lbs. I walk everyday but my breast get in the wway of true exercise. I am a 44 j I suffer from back and neck pain. Indents in my shoulders. Intertrigo headaches and loss of feeling in my left nipple. Because of all this can doctors perform the surgery even if I weight too much? I Aldo quit smoking in Oct 2013 I have smoked 13yrs. Does that help?

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Compassionate surgeons

will take care of you regardless of your weight... but I personally would want you to acknowledge that your weight is stable and not still fluctuating.  There are more wound complications with greater BMI's and obesity so you have to accept this too as well as the possibility that if you are successful in the future with weight loss, that you may shrink to where you may desire an implant at more costs and surgery.

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Exceptions for breast reduction

Every patient is different as are their circumstances. As doctors we need to evaluate each patient individually so yes, we can and do sometimes make exceptions to the "rules." With that said, it is better to lose the weight first if at all possible. It may not be possible for you. You should seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your individual circumstances. Good luck to you.

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Do surgeons ever make exceptions for over weight people to have a breast reduction?

Congratulations on your stopping smokiing. That helps a lot. If you are having trouble losing weight it might be good to consult with a bariatric surgeon. Your BMI is drastically high and your weight is a serious threat to your health and your lifespan. We are doctors first and surgeons second and no one interested in your health would consider putting you at risk for a purely elective surgery that could be performed after weight loss. 

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Exceptions for breast reduction

Dear jlo85,
We frequently make exceptions for people who are overweight depending on their individual circumstances.  There are many factors that are evaluated including but not limited to the size of the breast and  any medical conditions which may preclude surgery.  Insurance companies frequently deny coverage for the procedure in overweight  patients recommending conservative measures and weight reduction in lieu of surgery making this a catch 22 for you.  You might wish to seek the opinion of a local plastic surgeon to see if their are any reasonable options for you.  Good luck.  Dr Friedlander 

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