I Found out from 2 Different Surgeons That my Doctor Did the Wrong Surgery!

Hi, I learned for certain from another surgeon today, my surgeon did a facelift instead of a mid face lift. I was having other surgery, and he talked me into the midlift for my nasal folds. This was in April. I have seen him 10 times since, and he won't admit he did the wrong surgery. I didn't have the money for the mid lift, but he said it would be less than constantly getting fillers. Guess what I get tomorrow from him? fillers! Shouldn't I be reimbursed? I'm so unhappy. Any suggestions?

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Facelift surgery techniques vary

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It is said if you want 10 different opinions, than see 10 different plastic surgeons. Everyone performs a different procedure, that does not make it wrong or incorrect, just different. Please sit down with your surgeon and look at your before and after pictures and formulate a plan to help you. If you are not comfortable with that surgeon, then by all means, obtain a second opinion.

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Wrong face lift surgery!

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  Obviously, you are very distraught about what you perceive is that the doctor did not do the correct procedure on you.  Obviously, it is impossible to say in this forum what you and he discussed before the surgery what it is you wanted done.  You could certainly review the consent form that you signed.  If it clearly states you were going in for a midface lift, then you would have a legitimate documentation to support your complaint.

Lawrence Kass, MD
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