Eyelid surgery for keloid prone skin?

I have double eyelids which I want to get rid of....but i am an Indian and my father had keloidic skin and I too have got keloid on few scars...I have searched on internet about this and the answers were like that skin around eyes is less prone to keloid even if u have keloidic skin ...but still I don't want to get any little VISIBLE scar on my eyes.....Is there any non surgerical way?

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Eyelid surgery and scarring

You are right, eyelids do not tend to scar if the correct incision are made using minimal and gentle tissue handling techniques.  Asian and Indian skins tend to scar with increase pigmentation which resolves in time (sun avoidance is very important).  Keloids are very rare on the eyelids.  For non surgical options you can try clear tapes which are a temporary fix, otherwise non surgical RF technology can also tighten the skin.  Hope this is helpful.

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