Supratip Indent 2 Months Post?

I am 2 months post-op and have a DEEP indent above my nasal tip/supratip area. My nose was overrotated (via septocolumellar sutures) & I received a strong kenalog shot at 2 weeks post-op in my supra tip (I know it was strong bc I had serious shrinkage within 24 hrs after the shot). I think (& so does my PS, atleast partially) that these factors have contributed to the indent. Will revision surgery to derotate my nose by removing the sutures fix this indent? Or will I need some kind of grafts?

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Supratip indent after rhinoplasty and kenalog injection

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The supratip indentation can be the result of overprojecting your tip relative to your dorsum.  However in your case it sounds like it may be the result of excessive thinning of the skin after the kenalog injection.  As you point out about the septocolumellar sutures, depending on how they were placed, could also be contributing to it.  If it's a result of the kenalog, your skin should fill back in a few weeks.  Injections of saline sometime help speed this up.  If it's as mismatch between the tip projection and the dorsal projection, likely a revision surgery will be needed.  The need for grafts/sutures is difficult to assess without more details about the operation and pictures.  

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