Is It Supposed to Look Like This ? Will my Bones Narrow or "Shrink" Eventually?

I had a revision rhinoplasty 9 days ago and had my splint off yesterday.Along some other things I asked my doctor to narrow my nasal bone but now it looks even bigger than before. I know it is the swelling but even when I press in the swelling to feel the bone and the size underneath the swelling it is still not very different from what my nose looked and felt like before. Please help. Thank you for your time :)

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Postoperative fullness after revision rhinoplasty

You're right that there is quite a bit of swelling at this early stage. Although you would think that the nose would swell symmetrically after surgery, this often isn't the case. Sometimes this is due to different work being done in different areas of the nose, or just different reactions to having had the surgery.

So early on it's hard to say how things will look once healed. I'd discuss things with your surgeon for more specific advice.

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Post op swelling with revision rhinoplasty

It is always difficult to asses a nose in the early post-operative period, especially when one does not know exactly what was done at the time of the revision surgery. If the picture on the right is the post revision 9 day result, it does indeed look swollen, asymmetric and twisted, but looks can be deceiving so early on. I would avoid pressing on your nose during this very vulnerable period unless so instructed by your surgeon. It would be best to discuss your concerns with him or her. Sometimes swelling can be worse on one side because more work was done in that area.

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