What Am I Supposed to Do? Sensitive Skin, Had IPL Using Diode System on Armpits and Got Burned? (photo)

I have a very sensitive skin... I underwent IPL using Diode system in my armpits and I got burned.. she set it on 27.. I am scared that the burns will be permanent.. I am using this ointment called solcoseryl.. Please tell me what to do!!

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Burns from hair removal to underarms

Burns from hair removal don't actually have to do with "sensitivity" of skin. It has to do with the Fitzpatrick system for skin typing, and your settings were simply too high if you got burned. The burns you have appear to be superficial, and actually more of inflammed hairs (like folliculitis), which is common post hair removal treatment because the affected hairs follicles can be irritated when destroyed. I would suggest you have your settings lowered next time, and for the time being, don't rub or irritate the area. Apply cool water and hydrocortisone to it (available from any pharmacy for a few dollars), and keep it out of the sun.

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