Was Suppose to Have Lipo of my Flanks with my Tummy Tuck, How Can I Tell if that Actually Happened?

I was suppose to have liposuction performed to my flanks along with my tummy tuck. How can I tell if this actually happened?

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Liposuction with tummy tuck

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You should notice some tenderness in the flank area.  Also you would have some swelling and bruising in the areas of liposuction.  Your final result will not be apparent for several months.   Donald R.  Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Question as to whether liposuction of flank was actually performed

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The first and easiest way to determine whether or not liposuction of your flanks was performed is to ask your surgeon. (Is there a reason why you think that this was not performed?) You also may be able to determine this just by looking at your flanks. 

An operative and/or hospital OR record should also contain information relevant to your question.

Combination Liposuction and Tummy Tuck

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It is hard initially to decide whether you received liposuction during tummy tuck.  It may look like not much has happened depending on what your initial flanks looked like.  It is wise to get a hold of your Plastic Surgeon!


Good Luck

Dr Jeneby

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How to know if liposuction was performed

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I perform liposuction through the skin which I intend to remove during the tummy tuck so there would be no skin incisions you could see postoperatively if your surgeon did this as well. If you are concerned about whether liposuction was performed, you should discuss this with your plastic surgeon. You haven't provided any indication of why you think this might not be the case.

How to tell if I had liposuction?

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Liposuction is a procedure with specific indications, risks, alternatives, and expected outcome.  It is every patient's responsibility to understand these in some detail before submitting your most precious possession, your body, to such surgical intervention.  It is also your responsibility to select a surgeon you trust will deliver your desired outcome.  Your doubt must be shared with the professional you have so entrusted.

How to know if you had liposuction

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In most cases, the area treated by liposuction will be tender and may be bruised. You may want to discuss with your surgeon.

Liposuction with Tummy Tuck?

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Thank you for the question.

If you want to know exactly what happened during your procedure ask your surgeon.

Best wishes.

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