Is it Normal at This Stage to Feel my Breast Implants Moving Inside of Me?

Im17days out BA Surgery TextureSiliconeCohesive gel implants w/submuscular incision.In my right breast I can feel my breast implant movin seems like a downward position.Im not in pain could it be my muscles or body fluid and not the implant it feels weird I can say that my breast look my great.

My left breast is a bit softr than my right and looks as if the swelling has minimized but my left implant is stl firm what does tht mean?I hear about the implant has to settle are those sign of settlin?

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3-4 months before assessing results

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Your breasts take about 3-4 months to settle, and this can occur at different rates - one may settle faster than the other, which is what it sounds like is happening to you. The downward movement you're feeling may simply be your breast implant settling into position.

Feeling of implant movement is not a sign of its movement

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The "feeling" of implant movement is not an actual sign of movement. Most textured implants are adherent to the pocket wall soon after surgery. This may occur by 5-10 days after surgery. Real movement of a textured implant weeks after surgery would be a significant concern because of the associated risks of fluid collection around the implant. It might be wise to revisit your surgeon to have some reassurance.

Chen Lee, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon
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